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I have a jsp page DeclarationActivation.jsp which is opened with the struts action tag listed below defined in struts-config.xml

<action path="/DeclarationDaysInput"
 name="ReimbursementDeclarationDaysActionForm" input="/Error.jsp" validate="false"
 scope="request" parameter="load">
    <forward name="success" path="/CompanyAdmin/DeclarationActivation.jsp"/>
<forward name="failure" path="/Error.jsp"/>

In this jsp page i have a form with the action parameter as DeclarationDaysSubmit.do

This action parameter is also defined in struts-config.xml

<action path="/DeclarationDaysSubmit"
name="ReimbursementDeclarationDaysActionForm" validate="true" input="/DeclarationDaysInput.do" scope="request" parameter="submit">
<forward name="success" path="/DeclarationDaysInput.do"/>
<forward name="failure" path="/Error.jsp"/>

Both refer to the same class, however they have different parameter values specified in the action tags, in the first, the value of parameter is load, in the second, the value of parameter is submit.

However, when I click submit in the form in the jsp page, the second action tag is not accessed by the code, but only the first one is being accessed.

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post your JSP code –  Naveen Sep 4 '13 at 12:43

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