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I created this table :

CREATE TABLE operation_tache_person (
    id_tache INT,
    id_person INT ,
    operations varchar(10),
    CONSTRAINT operation_taches_cle_primaire primary key(id_tache,id_person)  ,
    CONSTRAINT operation_taches_tache_cle_etrange FOREIGN KEY(id_tache) REFERENCES taches(id_tache) ,
    CONSTRAINT operation_taches_person_cle_etrange  
    FOREIGN KEY(id_person) REFERENCES person(id_person)  

the operations attribute can take one of 3 values : c, d OR u

I want to know if I partitioning this table on operations will increase performance, if yes is it necessary to make "operations" as primary key to partition it? And could you show me how can I partition it.

And thank you

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Paritioning is a design decision and can't be decided just looking a table structure.

But still if your column takes just 3 values then paritioning is not the solution because all of your data will be kept in just 3 partitions which means that you will still be dealing with huge data even after partitioning. So that will be wrong choice .

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uh ok ... thank you ... i guess ya i m not partitioning this table :) –  user2746896 Sep 4 '13 at 13:07

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