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How can the linux frame buffer, on Cell Linux, be captured to obtain either screen shots or movies?

Is there a tool to do this for a running program, or must the program writing to, and presumably controlling, the frame buffer also handle capture and recording? If so, how would the program do so?

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Many tools for doing so, for example FBGrab and fbdump; look at the sources for those two, it would be pretty easy to extend either one or write your own which captures video instead of just snapshots.

However, I would recommend that the program writing to the framebuffer be the one recording as well, in order to synchronize capturing frames between writing them (and not partially through a write, or skipping, or ...)

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Indeed, in the end I got the program to write out a copy of the framebuffer in PPM format, netpbm.sourceforge.net/doc/ppm.html, and later converted that to the desired image format. –  grrussel Feb 9 '11 at 9:54

you could use ffmpeg or avconv (eg. avconv -f fbdev -i /dev/fb0 mymovie.flv).

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