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I am building a web app that uses javascript to dynamically add elements to the page, that can then be edited using contentEditable="true" and CKEditor.

Currently if I add an element to the page with contentEditable="true", the element is editable but the CKEditor toolbar is not appearing.

I have tried calling CKEDITOR.inlineAll() but this doesn't seem to do anything.

How can I activate CKEditor inline editing on dynamically created elements? (Without refreshing the page).

EDIT: I have found that giving the element an ID of (e.g.) someId and calling CKEDITOR.inline(someId) has the desired effect. But I don't want to have to add unique IDs to all of my elements. Is there a way to activate CKEditor on all contentEditable elements?

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CKEDITOR.inline accepts a native DOM element as a parameter. No matter how you create dynamic elements, if you pass a reference to that function, it will convert it into CKEditor instance. For example, assuming that you use jQuery as a main framework:

// A dynamically created element.
var el = $( '<p contenteditable="true">I\'m editable!</p>' );

// Append the element to <body>.
$( 'body' ).append( el );

// CKEDITOR.inline accepts DOM element as parameter.
CKEDITOR.inline( el.get( 0 ) ); 

See the fiddle.

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I have the same problem. calling CKEDITOR.inline(myElement) does change the style of the div, and overrides right click menu, so it almost works, but the menu still doesn't show. Perhaps it has something to do with it being created by knockout.. –  Sonic Soul Jun 10 at 23:31

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