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Is it possible to nest more than two types of quotation signs? I mean I know ' and " but what if i need more? Is this allowed:

subprocess.Popen('echo "var1+'hello!'+var2"', shell=True)
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You can use triple-quotes to avoid any kind of problem with nested single quotes:

subprocess.Popen('''echo "var1+'hello!'+var2"''', shell=True)

In case you want to use the same triple-quotes as both a delimiter and inside the string then you have to escape the quotes in the string:

'''some\'\'\'triple quotes\'\'\'''' -> "some'''triple quotes'''"

Alternatively you can rely on the fact that the interpreter will concatenate consecutive string literals, and use different quotes for different parts of the string:

subprocess.Popen('echo "var1+' "'hello!'" '+var2"', shell=True)

Note that in this way you can even mix raw strings with non-raw strings:

In [17]: print('non\traw' r'\traw' 'non\traw')
non     raw\trawnon     raw
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Triple quotes work. You can use either ''' or """

subprocess.Popen('''echo "var1+'hello!'+var2"''', shell=True)
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You can use threesome :P

subprocess.Popen('''echo "var1+'hello!'+var2"''', shell=True)

subprocess.Popen("""echo "var1+'hello!'+var2"""", shell=True)

more much more fun

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The latter doesn't work: SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal you have to escape the first double-quote. –  Bakuriu Sep 4 '13 at 14:22
I did not write it with my computer, i did not check it sorry bro –  john simiti Sep 4 '13 at 14:26

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