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Iam using windows version of gnuplot

Version 4.6 patchlevel 3    last modified April 2013

i have a problem with running a gnuplot script via "load ..."

if i execute the following from the gnuplot commandline

set macro
test1 = "@test2"
test2 = "sin(x)"
pl @test1

it does work as expected. but if i put the code into a script and execute it from commandline

gnuplot> load 'test.gp'

i get the error

gnuplot> pl @test2
         "test.gp", line 4: invalid character @'

it seems that the macro processor does work differently (macro nesting depth) between script and interactive mode. Is there any possibility to solve this?


i change the script as follows:

set macro
test1 = "sin(x)"
test2 = "@test1"
test3 = "@test2"
test4 = "@test3"
pl @test1
pl @test2
pl @test3
pl @test4

in interactive mode it aborts at pl @test4 with Too many levels of nested macros. On Scriptexecution it aborts on the second plot command after the first preprocessing step with:

gnuplot>     pl @test1
         "test.gp", line 7: invalid character @
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The issue with the load command is a bug, see #1246 load command and macro expansion, which was fixed in the development version as of 2013-06-28.

The limitation in the interactive mode is intended behavior, the ChangeLog says about the above bug fix:

  • src/misc.c (load_file): Expand macros up to 3 levels deep when stepping through a "load" operation. This matches the depth allowed for use at the top level command line. Bug #1246
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thank you i will try the development version. –  vlad_tepesch Sep 5 '13 at 7:28
hmm - building with all terminals that i need or want is more complicated. i think i have to work around that issue. –  vlad_tepesch Sep 5 '13 at 7:50
@vlad_tepesch What OS do you have, if you are working on Debian/similar, I could give you a hand :) –  Christoph Sep 5 '13 at 8:23
fist line of question ;) - windows winXP32 to be exactly. building the cvs code works fine, but wxt and cairo support needs a lot of additional libs that i have to build first. unfortunately i have no time for this. –  vlad_tepesch Sep 5 '13 at 9:17
@vlad_tepesch Sorry, but for compiling on Windows I'm completely lost. From time to time, there are new testing binaries for CVS, see gnuplot.info/development/binaries. But I haven't tried them. –  Christoph Sep 5 '13 at 9:45

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