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The only working method I found, several years ago, was :

  1. Generating ibm-ejb-jar-bnd.xmi and ibm-ejb-jar-ext.xmi for each session bean by using XDoclet (ejbdoclet task)
  2. Making a jar (without stubs) with task jar; ;
  3. Calling the binary EJBDEPLOY with this jar without stub in parameters.

But I feel there must be a cleaner method. Which is yours ?

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i use the wsejbdeploy ant task, if you are using ws_ant that comes with RAD then you can have something like the below in your build file

<taskdef name="wsejbdeploy" classname=""/>
<wsejbdeploy inputJar="${EjbJarFile}" outputJar="${tempEjbJarFile}" workingDirectory="${tempWS.dir}"  noWarnings="true" classpathref="project.classpath"/>
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