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I'm trying to hook into an existing realtime communications system (Faye) over websockets, and have two-way communications over the socket that delivers various messages to various activities or fragments.

Faye will publish over the websocket when the user has a "reminder" that is expiring soon, and will send a JSON payload down to the client with the reminder details.

I have the Faye client up and running in a test IntentService right now, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to get it to communicate with other parts of the system -- ex: a reminder message is published and I want to increment a counter on the page and bounce a little flag.

There are two things that I'm trying to figure out:

  1. How can I start up the websocket and open up the connection and hold it for the as long as the application is running. I looked into IntentService and Bound services but it seems like those are only kept alive as long as it takes to handle the intent or when components are bound to it. Bound services seem like it might work, but how could I make it so the service would not be unbound until the app is destroyed or killed? Also, where (architecturally speaking), would I actually start the service?
  2. How do I enable communications between the Service and the various components? Do I have to mess with Handlers and HandlerThreads and post messages back and forth? I tried to show a toast in my IntentService when a reminder comes in, but obviously it is not running on the UI thread so it crashes. I would need two-way communications between whatever is hosting the Faye client -- one to add subscriptions to realtime events (main thread to realtime thread) and one to deliver messages to the subscribers (realtime thread to main thread). I would assume I have to add various listeners for each message type -- but I can't wrap my head around how to get them to actually communicate with each other across thread boundaries.

I know that GCM can provide a solution for this, but my backend currently already has this Faye server built in so I'd prefer to use that if possible instead of adding support for publishing to GCM as well.

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