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I have a repository which is about like the following one, where I'm using an annotated query with parameters. However when it comes to substitution, it fails with the exception: org.neo4j.cypher.ParameterNotFoundException: Expected a parameter named custType1

public class CustTypes {
    public static final String TYPE1 = "foo";
    public static final String TYPE2 = "bar";

public interface CustomQueryRepository extends GraphRepository<CustomEntity> {
        value = 
            " START c=node({0}) "
          + " WHERE c.type! = {custType1} "
          + "    OR c.type! = {custType2} "
          + "RETURN DISTINCT c, c.type AS compType",
        params = {
            "custType1", CustTypes.TYPE1,
            "custType2", CustTypes.TYPE2
    Iterable<CustomMapResult> getTypes(List<Long> nodeIds);

I also already tried using a named parameter (with @Param) for nodeIds which made no difference.

What am I missing here, or can't I mix Query.params with method parameters?

I'm using spring-data-neo4j version 2.3.0.M1

Thanks, in advance

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From what I read in the reference documentation, it seems that the param attribute of @Query is only used when fields of entities are annotated with @Query.

EDIT: I actually found an issues which documents this behaviour. I still think it should be mentioned somewehere in the SDN documentation:

TLDR: Param attribute doesnt work in repositories(yet)

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I second that it should be mentioned somewhere in the SDN documentation, because it is not obvious that params has no effect in @Querys, when used in repositories –  Prjio Sep 5 '13 at 10:50

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