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As the question says, I am trying to do a search replace using a variable and a capture group. That is, the replace string contains $1. I followed the answers here and here, but they did not working for me; $1 comes through in the replace. Can you help me spot my problem?

I am reading my regular expressions from a file like so:

while( my $line = <$file>) {
    my @findRep = split(/:/, $line);
    my $find = $findRep[0];
    my $replace = '"$findRep[2]"'; # This contains the $1
    $allTxt =~ s/$find/$replace/ee;

If I manually set my $replace = '"$1 stuff"' the replace works as expected. I have played around with every single/double quoting and /e combination I can think of.

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You're using single quotes so $findRep[2] isn't interpolated. Try this instead:

my $replace = qq{"$findRep[2]"};
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It's an operator. –  daxim Sep 4 '13 at 15:22

Why regex replacement when you already have your values in @findRep

while( my $line = <$file>) {
    my @findRep = split(/:/, $line);
    $findRep[0] = $findRep[2];
    my $allTxt = join(":", @findRep);
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To clearify, The replace string contains more than just $1. It can be any regular expression. I was just honing in on my issue. The replace values with therefore depend on what it matches on in $allTxt. The match criteria is specified in $findRep[0]. Setting $findRep[0] = $findRep[2]; would overwrite that. –  dseiple Sep 4 '13 at 16:23

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