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I'm using win32 to create a list view with downloaded icons, however, the text is abbreviated at approximately 19 characters (as about size 12 font, Segoe UI). I have included the CreateWindow and item creation code I'm using for it.

Any advice would be appreciated.

HWND airlinelist = CreateWindow(WC_LISTVIEW,L"",WS_CHILD | LVS_LIST | WS_TABSTOP | WS_BORDER,18,104,323,74,hwnd,(HMENU)3,hinst,NULL);

                    LVITEM newi;
                    const wchar_t* n = L"Client Website Name,"  
                    newi.pszText = newc;                            
                    newi.mask = LVIF_TEXT | LVIF_IMAGE;
                    newi.iImage = 0;                            

The above would create a list view with the icon and something to the effect of "Client Website Nam..." despite it only taking up half of the list view's width.

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What mode is the ListView in (icon, list, report, etc)? If report, is there a column defined that is only wide enough to accomodate 19 characters? – Remy Lebeau Sep 4 '13 at 15:36
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I'll assume you're using LVS_LIST mode because the style is shown in your code sample. You can use the LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH message to adjust the column size once you've added items to the list control. You can also use the ListView_SetColumnWidth macro. E.g.:

SendMessage(airlinelist, LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 0, 300);

This would set the columns to 300 pixels wide. If you're actually using LVS_REPORT mode you would need to set the width for each column individually.

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Ah, thank you! That's exactly what I needed. – Collin Biedenkapp Sep 4 '13 at 20:55

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