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I have a model called Forwards this model uses a table from my Database. However it is required for some of the views connected to this model to use my costum datasource (This is a datasource i have created which links it to an API).

Now my question how can i add a datasource to a Model that already has a datasource.

And how can i tell the Paginator that it has to use this datasource when it is paginating (so it doesnt confilct)


I have been reading abit it seems the only way to use two datasource in a model is to Hack abit, so i was wondering is it possible to use two models from one controller while still paginating?

i want to keep these settings

public $paginate = array(
    'fields' => array(

, 'conditions' => array('' => array(
            'conditional' => 'BETWEEN'
        , 'values' => array()
    'group' => array('Stat.offer_id'),
    'Method' => 'getStats',
    'totals' => true,
    'limit' => 20

I set these within my controller

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You can change the data source by calling Model::setDatasSource().

You can change the model the paginator uses by:




You might want to read that page.

Don't use Controller::paginate any more but instead $this->Paginator->settings. For settings per model use

$this->Paginator->settings['ModelName'] = array(/*...*/);
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When i try to add this it doesnt save the settings i set in the controller check my question for my settings – Marc Sep 4 '13 at 16:32
See updated answer. Just read the page I've linked its all there I think. – burzum Sep 4 '13 at 18:57

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