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I have a combo with more than one value in it (different bindings from the same source) I would like to create a combo box where the user could sort by those columns and also include a header to clarify the informations

Example :

Item No | Name | Rank 00 | foo | 0 01 | bar | 2 02 | too | 1

We could sort by Item No, Name or rank.

Is it even possible?


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Doing it with a ComboBox is definitely possible, but involves changing the entire ComboBox template such that the Popup hosts a ListView. As a simpler alternative, you might consider just using a ToggleButton and Popup, with a ListView inside the Popup.

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I thought it was too complex to be able to do it easily, but your solution sounds nice. –  David Brunelle Dec 7 '09 at 20:23

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