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i use the wordpress built-in ajax implementation in one of my plugins as follows:

jQuery('#form_data_voting').submit(function() {
                action : 'voting_save',
                value : jQuery('#form_data_voting').serialize(),
                function(data) {

And the function in PHP looks like follows:

add_action('wp_ajax_voting_save', function () {

I then see in the dump that all relevant fields are in one string - thanks to the serialize() function. But the problem here is, that it is stored behind the "value" variable and i can't get it out there. The string looks like this: name=testname&tel=3883838. I can't access the name via: $_POST['name'] or $_POST['value']['name'].

How can i access name and tel as POST-variables in the wordpress ajax environment or is that not possible and i have to create name and tel as values in the js-file and have to leave serialize() out of the function?

Would be great if anybody has experiences this before and can share the solution. Thanks!

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thanks VukBG - for my example not parse_url but parse_str is sufficient:

    parse_str($_POST['value'], $my_array_of_vars);
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Try parse_url() function. I think that is what you are looking for.

You can also see a good example for this function here

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