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I can't find any information about this on either www.episerver.com or world.episerver.com, anyone knows?

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thread safe is a nebulous concept. In this particular case, if you are sharing data between different requests, it is not. Otherwise by the nature of web requests it is.

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From what I've seen Episerver uses two mechanisms to achieve thread-safety:

  • Locking (when initializing expensive resources)
  • Immutable data (when passing page data around)
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I also like how EPiServer handles database deadlocks –  LukeP Jul 25 '12 at 17:35
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Yes, per definition it is thread safe because it runs under a web service that uses threads to execute (so it has to be thread safe otherwise it is a bug, and there has been o few of those bugs – but no one reported for CMS R2 what I can see in the bug list).

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