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Router ip : Camera 1 ip : port : 8000 Camera 2 ip : port : 8100 Dyndns host : test.dyndns.org

Firewall disable upnp : enable port fordward 8000 to (both) port fordward 8100 to (both)

When i am connected to MY network : WORKING WORKING

When i am connected with 3g (or wifi to ANOTHER network e.g. my friend) i go to url --> http://test.dyndns.org:8000 and camera WORKING.

When i am connected with wifi to MY network i go to url --> http://test.dyndns.org:8000 and camera NOT WORKING. NO URL FIND. CONNECTION REFUSED

Why i have this problem?

Any solution?


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You need to setup NAT loopback on your router. This allows you to connect to the WAN interface IP while you're on the LAN. How you enable this will depend on what type of router you have.

You can read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_address_translation#NAT_loopback

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