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I would like to switch Left Shift and Ctrl key, so whenever I press Left Shift + P I get Ctrl P instead. But also I will like that when I press Ctrl + Shift get Ctrl + Shift (No Ctrl + Ctrl). I mean just call the Left Shift and Ctrl keys switch when I press the Left Shift in combination with letters and numbers, but not when I press it with any other modifiers.

I have tried this so far


It do the trick, but, with this scritpt whenever I press Lshift I get Ctrl and Left Shift at the same time.

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This is how your script should look if you want to switch shift and Ctrl completely.

$*Lshift::Send {LControl Down}
$*LshiftUp::Send {LControl Up}

$*LControl ::Send {Lshift Down}
$*LControl Up::Send {Lshift Up}

Your question is similar to this question where you will find the explanation why this works.

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You missed a little space at LshiftUp ;) –  MCL Sep 5 '13 at 7:05

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