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After about 2 hours of googling and trying various things out, I turn to you for help.

Task: Rewrite the blank url to something, and everything else to something different in nginx.

So, if I navigate to subdomain.somedomain.tld, I want to get served the index.php, and if I go to subdomain.somedomain.tld/BlAaA, I get redirected to index.php?url=BlAaA. Exceptions are files under /img, /include, and the index.php themselves. They don't get rewritten.

The second part works already, as does the whitelist, but I can't figure out or find something to accomplish the whole idea.

The working part:

server {
  listen       80;
  server_name  subdomain.domain.tld;

  location / {
    include php.conf;
    root    /srv/http/somefolder/someotherfolder/;

    if ( $uri !~ ^/(index\.php|include|img) ){
      rewrite /(.*) /index.php?url=$1 last;

    index   index.php;

The answer provided by @pablo-b almost solved my problem. Only two problems persist with this approach: 1: PHP-FPM now needs to have the extensions of the files under /include/ (e.g. style.css, background.jpg) set in /etc/php/php-fpm.conf under security.limit_extensions. My original php.conf worked along the lines of

location ~ \.php {

which nginx doesn't like, since it kinda overwrites the location /index.php part from your suggestion. I can work around that, though, given enough time.

2: $request_uri yields "/whatever", not "whatever" as value to my url= parameter. I can parse the "/" out in my php code, for sure, but my original solution didn't add the leading "/". Any elegant way to solve this?

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I added removing the / part, although it doesn't seems very elegant (performance wise, the mapping only happens when $uri_without_slash is accesed). As for 1), you could just replace location = /index.php with location ~ \.php, but it will serve without redirecting any url containing the string .php. – akhanubis Sep 5 '13 at 15:07
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I would suggest avoiding if and working with different locations making use of the precedence related to the pattern matching methods used (docs):

#blank url
location = / {
    return 302 http://subdomain.domain.tld/index.php;

#just /index.php
location = /index.php {
    include common_settings;

#anything starting with /img/
location ^~ /img/ {
    include common_settings;

#anything starting with /include/
location ^~ /include/ {
    include common_settings;

#everything else
location / {
    return 302 http://subdomain.domain.tld/index.php?url=$uri_without_slash;

And in a separated config file called common_settings:

include php.conf;
root    /srv/http/somefolder/someotherfolder/;
index   index.php;

EDIT: Added removal of first slash in url:

In your conf, outside any server directive:

map $request_uri $uri_without_slash {
    ~^/(?P<trailing_uri>.*)$ $trailing_uri;
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Thanks! That works wonderfully! Just as an FYI for other ppl who have this problem: It could have been solved by my original way if I had just checked for $_GET['url'] == '' in my page itself. But this solution is way cleaner. – Aleyster Crowley Sep 6 '13 at 6:47

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