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Often I find myself with an array of keys to some other array and want to get the corresponding values. For example if I wanted to select a random subarray, the function array_rand($array) will return an array of random indices and I want to get the values. There are many examples other than this but the general problem (normally arising from functional programming style) is I have an array of keys and need the array of the corresponding values. Here is a wordy way of doing this but I was wondering if there were some shorter way to do this frequent task?

way 1:

$array_of_values = array();
foreach($array_of_indices as $index)
    $array_of_values[] = $array_of_data[$index];

way 2:

function index_array($index) { return $array_of_data[$index]; }
$array_of_values = array_map("index_array", $array_of_indices);

way 3:

$array_of_values = array_intersect_key($array_of_data,
                   array_fill_keys($array_of_indices, ''));

I would expect that some single function to do this exists but after reading through the docs I couldn't find one. Anyone know a better way?

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He wants to combine keys from a one array with values from another array, so array_values() won't fit here. – djot Sep 4 '13 at 20:08
Myself, I prefer way 1. It makes it clear what the goal of the code is without over complicating matters. I am pretty sure that there is not a single function to do what you want done. – amaster507 Sep 4 '13 at 20:18
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There is no function that will do this on its own, however there is a slightly simpler way than way 3

array_intersect_key($array_of_data, array_flip($array_of_keys));
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