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Application - web application, C# - ASP.NET MVC -SQL SERVER

Scenario -

  • New Visa module to be added to an existing application.
  • Essential to module is a visa application form that has sections and subsections. Application form differs for users belonging to different countries.
  • Prior to that, admin users are to be allowed to specify application form design for individual countries (admin user can select individual sections/subsections to be shown)
  • When a user opens application form, the form is to be rendered according to user's country and data is to be persisted

Issues -

  • Any examples/patterns to implement a matching scenario?

Or specifically,

  • How to persist form design/template for individual countries
  • How to render form for an individual user and persist it?

Anything related would help!!!

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Is there some complex business rule after users submitting the form? Maybe it's not worth using ddd? On the persistence side, have you consider using a document database for this? I think it's easier to implement this than applying hierachy in RDBMS. –  Hippoom Sep 5 '13 at 0:57
How do they manage this with paper today? –  JefClaes Sep 5 '13 at 8:39

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