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I built an iPhone app using AudioServices to play short sounds. The first time a sound is played, there's a delay of half a second or so while the sound loads before it plays. This definitely makes for an awkward user experience.

Is there a way to preload sounds for AudioServices to play, or do I need to switch to audioQueues or some other method of playing sounds?

Thanks, Maha

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This is a well known problem. Everything in AudioServices is initialized lazily.

I think that your best choice is between Core Audio or OpenAL. OpenAL might be overkill, but it has a simple API. The oalTouch example is a good place to start.

Core Audio is a bit more raw, but it's well documented. The iPhone's OpenAL SDK is built on top of it.

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Thanks for the advice. –  Maha Dec 8 '09 at 7:40
Hi, Maha, how you can solve your problem..I am facing such problem through my application.. how can I solve it.. ? plz give me the suggestion my question is (stackoverflow.com/questions/6018508/…) –  Chandaboy May 17 '11 at 8:01

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