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Has anyone built a static version of libproxy from source? I.e. libproxy.a, not libproxy.so?

The source package comes configured with CMake. After taking a crash course on CMake, I figure out how to build a static library - by editing one of the .cmk files (specifically, /libproxy-0.4.11/libproxy/cmake/libproxy.cmk) and changing "SHARED" to "STATIC" in the "add_library" line. This does get me what appears to be a good static lib (libproxy.a), but an 'nm' dump shows a few undefined symbols and many others with a value of 0. Consequently, my app crashes at runtime when using the lib. The nm dump of the shared lib (libproxy.so), however, does not show undefined symbols.

Looks like this might just be due to not thoroughly configuring all the CMakelists / .cmk files in the build hierarchy and it'll probably come to be after an in depth understanding of how CMake works, but in the meantime, I was wondering if anyone out there has had success with this. Thanks!

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