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I'm using Carrierwave in an app to auto-upload images that exist on external sites so as to put as little load on them as possible. The first time I want to display an image I trigger Carrierwave to do the uploading.

The db is seeded with an image url written in a background Java process. Then in Ruby I assign the seed url to "remote_image_url" and save! to get the upload and versioning to happen. This all works fine.

However I have to store a field in the db that tells whether the upload has been triggered so that I don't trigger it every time the image is displayed. How can I tell if the "image" has been uploaded? The "image" field is actually an Uploader, is there a method that will tell me if it has been triggered?

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Carrierwave downloads the remote file as soon as you assign it via model.remote_image_url=, and it moves the file to its final location (local storage, S3, etc) as soon as you call This happens synchronously, so if has completed, and there hasn't been an error, your file has been stored.

To put it another way: If you just loaded a model from the database, and model.image? is true, then model.image.url should be a working URL.

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The check model.image? works, I can have removed the flag from the db – pferrel Sep 5 '13 at 16:33

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