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In my Gruntfile.js I have this configuration for compass

watch: {
  compass: {
    files: ['<%= yeoman.app %>/styles/{,*/}*.{scss,sass}'],
    tasks: ['compass']
  livereload: {
    files: [
      '<%= yeoman.app %>/{,*/}*.html',
      '{.tmp,<%= yeoman.app %>}/styles/{,*/}*.css',
      '{.tmp,<%= yeoman.app %>}/scripts/{,*/}*.js',
      '{.tmp,<%= yeoman.app %>}/scripts/{,*/}*.json',
      '<%= yeoman.app %>/images/{,*/}*.{png,jpg,jpeg,gif,webp,svg}'
    tasks: ['livereload']

... more stuff ...

compass: {
  options: {
    sassDir: '<%= yeoman.app %>/styles',
    cssDir: '<%= yeoman.app %>/styles',
    imagesDir: '<%= yeoman.app %>/images',
    javascriptsDir: '<%= yeoman.app %>/scripts',
    fontsDir: '<%= yeoman.app %>/styles/fonts',
    importPath: '<%= yeoman.app %>/components',
    relativeAssets: true
  dist: {
  server: {
    options: {
      debugInfo: true

I have started separating out my sass files, and have some files only intended to be included in the final compiled file. They rely on things previously imported, so can not be compiled on their own. How can I instruct compass, in grunt, to only compile the one root scss file, which already compiles perfectly, with all the component parts, and not to litter the directory with useless extra css files?

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why the down-vote? –  Billy Moon Sep 5 '13 at 12:15

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Prepend them with underscore or use the specify option:

Lets you specify which files you want to compile. Useful if you don't want to compile the whole folder. Globbing supported. Ignores filenames starting with underscore. Files must be in the directory you specified in sassDir.

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can you add a link to this info? –  Billy Moon Sep 5 '13 at 10:56
added a couple of links. –  Sindre Sorhus Sep 5 '13 at 11:08

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