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I wish to start a new open source project. What internet resources are there for gathering support and feedback on the project?

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If you are talking about polls, bug tracking, forums, wikis, etc, almost any hosting service like SourceForge will provide you them.

GoogleCode is trickier but you can assemble many Google services (e.g. GooglePages, GoogleGroups, etc) to create what you need. I did once for one of my many "future" projects (i.e. those which I start and I have never the time to complete :) ): http://msqhome.co.nr . I also integrated Nabble for the forums, I think Google Groups can be an obstacle to people not having a Google account.

There are other services of course, Wikipedia seems to have a good list.

If you're talking about how make sure people is aware of your project and is willing to partecipate or provide feedbacks, that is a whole different story. It depends on what your project is about, how good it is going to be in solving someone's real problem etc.

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Consider using http://www.useresponse.com. To my opinion that's a nice alternative to SaaS services you can install on your site and customize up to your satisfaction (both look and functionality).

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Provide a forum to go with that web site.

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