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I render a 3D data by setting device.RenderState.AlphaBlendEnable = true

it gives a side view like below: Pic1 shows side view @ solid filled mode

Pic2 shows side view @ wired frame mode

Now my top view looks like this, the outer surface layer covered the underneath layers and resulting only outer layer is displayed at top view.

Pic3 shows top view @ solid filled mode

I would like to view the underneath layer from top view. How do I do this? Is there any setting can be done in Microsoft.DirectX ?

Update: Question is solved by myself

device.RenderState.ZBufferWriteEnable = false;
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device.RenderState.ZBufferWriteEnable = false;
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There is no setting that allows this. You need to, ideally, sort all the layers so they are drawn back-to-front.

Failing that you could use something like an "additive" blend that is not order dependent.

Finally there is a method called depth peeling that allows you to do order-independent transparency.

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