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I have a problem with this code for make a hit counter per user profile on PDO (MYSQL), on page loads not update and not show the counter, only text "Visits:", the value remains at "0".

$id = $profile_data['username'];

$statement = $db->query("SELECT `visits` FROM `users` WHERE id='$id'");
$record = $statement->fetchAll();

if(sizeof($record) != 0)
 $counter = $record[0]['counter']++;
 $db->exec("UPDATE `users` SET visits='$counter' WHERE id='$id'");
 echo "Visits: " .$counter;
 $db->exec("INSERT INTO `users` (id, visits) VALUES ('$id', 1)");
 echo "Visits: 1";
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There's no point in using PDO if you aren't utilizing bound parameters. As for your current issue, enable error_reporting to discover that 'counter' is not the in SELECTs result set. –  mario Sep 5 '13 at 2:52

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Since you pulling the fields visits from the database, you need to change:

$counter = $record[0]['counter']++;


$counter = $record[0]['visits']++;
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Thanks for answer my question, was a simple error, but is how increment the visits, $counter = $record[0]['visits']+1; , I give by resolved. –  user2594631 Sep 5 '13 at 5:12

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