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I want a jquery function in which i can check whether how many checkboxes have been checked by using checkbox name since all checkbox have same name and get the values all together..

<input type="checkbox" name="skills" value="Php">
<input type="checkbox" name="skills" value="Java">
<input type="checkbox" name="skills" value="Jquery">
<input type="checkbox" name="skills" value="Jscript">
<input type="checkbox" name="skills" value="Clanguage">

I want wantever checked values at once..Please help..

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Have you considered having each checkbox with a different name so, on top of having how many checkboxes have been checked, you also have which ones where? –  Sikian Sep 5 '13 at 3:57

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You can

//get all the checked inputs with name skills
var checked = $('input[name="skills"]:checked');
//number of checked items
var checkedlength = checked.length;
//an array containing values of all checked inputs
var values = checked.map(function(){
    return this.value
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Very nice approach :) –  Sikian Sep 5 '13 at 3:57

It's possible using $.map function

var vals = $.map($('input[name="skills"]:checked').get(), function(i){
    return i.value;


Or, this (as Arun P Johny did but, with less code, within one line)

var vals = $('input[name="skills"]:checked').map(function(){
    return this.value


Or, as a comma seperated string

var values = $('input[name="skills"]:checked').map(function(){
    return this.value


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