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On one of our projects we are using DbFirst EntityFramework.

And all entities are being added to database by ObjectContext.AddObject(string, object) method.

I want to change these calls with ObjectSet<TEntity>.AddObject(TEntity) method calls. So I will have strongly typed version of the method.


var person = new Person();
e.AddObject("Persons", person);


var person = new Person();

Are there any possible issues with such replacement?

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No, there are no issues with this replacement. I'd even contend that there is an issue with the former, viz. the string parameter which has no compile-time check (and that's probably exactly the reason why you want to change this).

The current EF source shows that under the hood the ObjectSet.AddObject does nothing but executing ObjectContext.AddObject(string, object). The string argument is safely supplied by EF itself.

The EF 4 source is not publicly available, but I have no reason to assume that things are fundamentally different there.

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