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I am trying to write a web application that has dependent menus and I think it would be best to just put in objects in the value fields so I can just the value of the checked fields. The reason I am asking about putting in JSON instead of just the values is because I may need to put tuples of values in there later.


var a = $('.optionsGroup:checked');

where a yields:

[ <input type=​"checkbox" name=​"optionsGroup" class=​"optionsGroup" id=​"optionsGroup" onclick=​"selectGroupFamily(this,1,'Math 8','class')​" value=​"{classId:​1}​">, 
  <input type=​"checkbox" name=​"optionsGroup" class=​"optionsGroup" id=​"optionsGroup" onclick=​"selectGroupFamily(this,3,'Math 9','class')​" value=​"{classId:​3}​"> ]

and the rest of the code:

var bar = function(key,val){
    console.log(typeof val);
    b = $(val);
    var obj = $.parseJSON(b.val()); //some error here saying unexpected type c

Ideally I'd like to get the output:

...html line...
1 etc.
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Can you post a fiddle to work with? Offhand I'd say check the content of value. After $(val) - it needs to look something like: value=​'{"classId":​3}​' - Double quotes around the key –  dc5 Sep 5 '13 at 5:13
Yup, need a fiddle to work with! –  Nikhil Patil Sep 5 '13 at 6:14

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Your code works fine if you change the JSON in value like


Notice the double quotes around property name

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