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I would like to sum a column with multiple condition and display all the result in rows

I have a table as

Status        Amount
pending         100
Success         50
pending         20
failure         80
success         20

Now I would like to find the total of pending, success and failure as

Pending        Success            failure
120             70                 80

something like

select sum(pending), sum(success), sum(failure) from mytable
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this fiddle might give you answers –  Lobo Sep 5 '13 at 5:04
Can also use SUM(IF (Status = 'pending', Status, 0)) –  Grijesh Chauhan Sep 5 '13 at 5:05
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Try this query:

   SUM(CASE WHEN Status = 'pending' THEN Amount ELSE 0 END) AS Pending
  ,SUM(CASE WHEN Status = 'Success' THEN Amount ELSE 0 END) AS Success
  ,SUM(CASE WHEN Status = 'Failure' THEN Amount ELSE 0 END) AS Failure
FROM MyTable

You can also use this dynamic query:

SET @sql = NULL;
      'SUM(CASE WHEN `Status` = ''',
      ''' THEN Amount ELSE 0 END) AS `',
      `Status`, '`'
  ) INTO @sql
FROM MyTable;

SET @sql = CONCAT('SELECT ', @sql,'
                     FROM MyTable

PREPARE stmt FROM @sql;

See this SQLFiddle

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