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I have to do a refactoring in an advanced search method with 500 lines. I split this method using closures in small parts, and now I have a lot of closures but I want to invoke them dynamically.

For example:

def listCriteria={ ... }
def textCriteria={ ... }
def booleanCriteria={ ... }

criteria.listDistinct {
    criteries.eachWithIndex { crit, i->
        def criteriaType="${crit.type}Criteria"

How can I do that?

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Did you really nee closures or could you also use pure methods? – aiolos Sep 5 '13 at 7:21
I need to build a big criteria, now this method has 500 line, and I don;t want to rewrite it with hql because the risk is high – Igor Nartea Sep 5 '13 at 7:25

Using methods you could dynamically call this methods from a string like this:

def listCriteria() {"list"}
def textCriteria() {"text"}

def string1 = "list"
def string2 = "text"

assert "${string1}Criteria"() == "list"
assert "${string2}Criteria"() == "text"


I don't know an elegant way to get a dynamic reference to a closure.

You could use the properties property of your controller class to find all closures and invoke them.

def allClosures = this.properties.findAll{Closure.isAssignableFrom(it.value.getClass())}

def callCriteriaClosureByName(name) {
    def criteriaClosure = allClosures.find{it.key == "${name}Criteria"}.value

Not that nice - but should work.

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I agree with you, but if i want to delegate it to another closure, how I can do that, because I'm using and inner closures? – Igor Nartea Sep 5 '13 at 7:51
I updated my answer with another approach. – aiolos Sep 5 '13 at 8:39

Closures are good for scoping. What about using a map?

class Criteria {
  def listDistinct(closure) {

closures = [ 
  listCriteria : { "list" },
  textCriteria : { "text" },
  booleanCriteria : { "boolean" }

def criteries = ["list", "text", "boolean"]
def criteria = new Criteria()

criteria.listDistinct {
    criteries.eachWithIndex { crit, index ->
        def criteriaType=closures["${crit}Criteria"]
        assert criteriaType instanceof Closure
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