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I would like to be able to have multiple root packages, e.g.:

/data    --> com.foo.module.data.actions
/asset  --> com.foo.module.asset.actions
/users  --> com.foo.module.users.actions

Project is split in modules and each module has unique root path, but not the same parent package.

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Latest version of Jodd Madvoc can do that; its not yet in our documentation :)

Previously, you were able to set only one root package. Now, you can set up as many as you like. You have several ways how to do that.

First is via Madvoc configuration, using getRootPackages(). For example:

    com.foo.module.users.action.IndexAction.class, "/users");

And so on.

The other way is with a marker class. Simply create an empty MadvocRootPackage class (name is configurable too) in what is going to be root package for your modules and add usual @Action annotation that defines a path. These classes will be processed during the startup and root packages would be set as you needed.

Enjoy Jodd :)

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