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How can I select More then one Radio Buttons on single JSP page?

<TD align="left" colspan="2"><b>Execution Schedule Options :</b></TD>
<TD width="23%" align="center">
<input type="radio" name="executionSchedule" name="now" value="now" checked="checked" />Now
<TD width="33%" align="left">
      <input type="radio" name="executionSchedule" name="schedule" value="schedule" />Schedule

Here It is selecting Now as bydefault.

<TD align="left" colspan="2"><b>Grid Execution Mode :</b></TD>
<TD width="23%" align="center"><input type="radio"
name="executionSchedule" name="now" value="now"
checked="checked" />Manual Machine Selection</TD>
<TD width="33%" align="center"><input type="radio"
name="executionSchedule" name="schedule" value="schedule" />
Auto Machine Selection</TD>

These both code of buttons are on same JSP page. I have to select one button from Now/Schedule and from Manual Machine/ Automation Machine, one button should be selected at the same time. Inshort, Two buttons should be selected at the same time.

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If you are using same names for radio button it will act as mutually exclusive, ie only one can be selected at any one time. Name the radio button differently for one executionSchedule and for another machineSelection or something similar.

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