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I have the following python code:

def plot_only_rel():
    filenames = find_csv_filenames(path)
    for name in filenames:
        sep_names = name.split('_')
        Name = 'Name='+sep_names[0]
        Test = 'Test='+sep_names[2]
        Date = 'Date='+str(sep_names[5])+' '+str(sep_names[4])+' '+str(sep_names[3])
    plt.title((Name, Test, Date))

However when I print the title on my figure it comes up in the format

(u'Name=X', u'Test=Ground', 'Date = 8 3 2012')

I have the questions: Why do I get the 'u'? Howdo I get rid of it along with the brackets and quotation marks? This also happens when I use suptitle.

Thanks for any help.

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plt.title receives a string as it's argument, and you passed in a tuple (Name, Test, Date). Since it expects a string it tried to transform it to string using the tuple's __str__ method which gave you got output you got. You probably want to do something like:

plat.title('{0} {1}, {2}'.format(Name, Test, Date))
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How about:

plt.title(', '.join(Name,Test,Date))

Since you are supplying the title as an array, it shows the representation of the array (Tuple actually). The u tells you that it is an unicode string.

You could also use format to specify the format even better:

plt.title('{0}, {1}, {2}'.format(Name, Test, Date))
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