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Created a shell class, EmailShell which will render the html of given email template and pass it to Mandrill Api service.

App::uses('View', 'Core');
class EmailShell extends AppShell {
    function startup() {
        $useDbConfig = 'default';

    function new_user_created(){
        $html = $this->getEmailTemplateHtml('new_user');
        $post_fields['message'] = array(
            "html" => $html,
            "text" => strip_tags($html),
            "from_email" => "",
            "subject" => "subject goes here.",
            "to" => ""
        $Mandril = ClassRegistry::init("Mandril");

    private function getEmailTemplateHtml($template, $layout = 'default', $custom_data = false){
        $v = new View();
        $v->set("data", $custom_data);
        return $v->render('Emails/'.$template, $layout);    

Now on executing shell command

$> cake email new_user_created

It's returning me following error message.

*PHP Fatal error: Class 'View' not found in C:\wamp\www\cakephp_application\app\Console\Command\EmailShell.php on line 22*

How do I get html of my email template so I can pass it to Mandril service?

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The problem is that View is in the View folder, there isn't a Core folder.

You will want to use.
App::uses('View', 'View');

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Thanks, It's working. – Nehal Sep 5 '13 at 10:49

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