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I am using DevXpress XtraReport v13.1

I have a dateTime parameter that I would like its default value to be current Day whenever it is used. When I leave the value of the parameter empty. it is understood by DevExpress as 1/1/0001 !!!

It is important for me because the parameters will be applied as a filter to a database and I require to decrease the probability that user can fetch too much data from the database (that may affect the performance)

Anyone have an idea of how to do that?

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I just did It Like this

  public Report()
        this.Parameters[0].Value = DateTime.Today;
        this.Parameters[1].Value = DateTime.Today;

the Approach AbdelRahman Shabana took Fails because the Event fires Again when user Clicks Submit, Just Give A look Here

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Thanks for all who gave me hints. I managed to solve my problem programatically by responding to event : ParameterRequestBeforeShow Then the report will be shown with today's date as default value for parameters and user is still allowed to select different date.

private void XtraReport1_ParametersRequestBeforeShow(object sender, DevExpress.XtraReports.Parameters.ParametersRequestEventArgs e)
            this.Parameters["StartIssueDate"].Value = DateTime.Now;
            this.Parameters["EndIssueDate"].Value = DateTime.Now;
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There is a discussion with a solution in the DevExpress Support Center.

One of those solutions is to create your parameter as a nullable DateTime? but then it is more complicated to bind to the XRControl.

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