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I try to get the child id's of products dynamically.Below is my table structure.

44    | 35,6,47,5,50
47    | 8,9
50    | 12, 15

am going to pass only one parent id and get the child ids, and if anyone of child ids having again child, then i have to fetch that record also.example 44->35,6,47,5,50 in this 47 and 50 is having child ids, so my final output should be like this 44-> 35,6,47,8,9,5,50,12,15.

I tried below this,

$sql=mysql_fetch_assoc(mysql_query("select * from chain_product where parent='44'"));

function add_child($main,$ch)
$find=mysql_query("select * from chain_product where parent='$main'");
 echo $alter;

but i get the result like this,


but i need output should be like this.. 35,6,47,8,9,5,50,12,15. can anyone help me to do this..

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You just want to remove duplicates? array_unique should do the trick... If you have a string, use explode(',', $string) to get an array first. – naththedeveloper Sep 5 '13 at 11:49
Never store multiple pieces of information in a single field. It will always cause you problems. – Basic Sep 5 '13 at 11:53
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Your database structure isnt optimal for this, this would be better:

id | parent
1  | 0
2  | 1
3  | 1
4  | 2
5  | 2

This way you can do something recursive:

function getChilds($parent=0, $depth=0){
    // Select the items for the given $parent
    $query = $conn->mysqli_query("SELECT id WHERE parent=".$parent); // mysqli is better, but mysql will do fine
   // get the items by the parent giving as input:
    while($fetch = $query->fetch_assoc() ){
        echo str_repeat('-', $depth) . " ".$fetch['id'];        
        getChilds($fetch['id'], $depth+1); // Use id of this line to find its childs
        echo "<br />";
getChilds(0); // And start it. The 0 is optional, I personaly prefer -1. Whatever rows your boat

This is called a tree structure and should give something like this:
- 2
- - 4
- - 5
- 3
In this example I use an echo for display purposes, you can return the values via an array, same principle

To answer a bit better, your current structure could support a similar method, but because you use strings, it will be allow slower and alot less flexible. You can see the difference in the code you are using, and the amount I just used. If you would remove the echo's and only return arrays, it will be even smaller :)

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