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When i read tty_io.c, i see this definition. What does this __releases() mean?

void tty_write_unlock(struct tty_struct *tty)
    wake_up_interruptible_poll(&tty->write_wait, POLLOUT);
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A quick Google search turned up the answer:… – Paul R Sep 5 '13 at 11:49

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It's a preprocessor macro that ends up a generating some attribute attached to the function to give the compiler or another tool details about it.

Here's the definition in compiler.h of the linux kernel (which is apparently what you are looking at):

# define __releases(x)  __attribute__((context(x,1,0)))

It's inside ifdef __CHECKER__ which, according to this wikipedia page, means that it's used by the static analyzer "Sparse".

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Apparently __releases and __acquires are two macros defined in Linux's compiler.h header which are used with the Sparse static checker to count locks released and acquired (to make sure that they are balanced).

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Preprocessor macros used by Sparse

Sparse is a computer software tool designed to find possible coding faults in the Linux kernel

If you look at the wiki page you'll see that somewhere in an header file of linux, __releases is replaced by the __attribute__ GCC extension.

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