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I'm using jquery.pageless to implements an infinite scroll.

When scroll down it gives an error: GET http://localhost:3000/search?page=2 500 (Internal Server Error) and sometimes GET http://localhost:3000/search?page=2 404 (Page Not Found)


require 'resque'
require 'will_paginate/array'

class SearchController < ApplicationController
  def index
    @blog = Blog.where(:name => params[:name])
      Resque.enqueue(HardWorker, params[:name])

  def search
    @search = Post.paginate(:per_page => 10, :page => params[:page], :order => ('created_at DESC'))
    if request.xhr?
      render :partial => 'search/post'


<%= render(:partial => "post", :collection => @search) %>

<%= will_paginate @search %>
<%= pageless(@search.total_pages, search_path) %>


<div style="margin-bottom:3em">
  <h2><%= post.name %></h2>


class Post
  include Mongoid::Document
  include Mongoid::Pagination
  store_in collection: "post", database: "post"
  field :_id
  field :blog_id, type: String
  field :name

I realized something on rails server:

Started GET "/search?page=2" for at 2013-09-05 13:06:04 +0100
Processing by SearchController#search as HTML
  Parameters: {"page"=>"2"}
  MOPED: COMMAND database=post command=:count=>"post", :query=>{}} (0.0000ms)
  MOPED: QUERY database=post collection=post selector={} flags=[:slave_ok] limit=10 skip=10 batch_size=nil fields=nil (1.0009ms)
  MOPED: KILL_CURSORS cursor_ids=[112995992853088] (0.9999ms)
  Rendered search/_post.html.erb (4.0ms)
Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 3012ms

ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method `[]'for nil:NilClass):
    1: <div style="margin-bottom:3em">
    2:   <h2><%= post[:name] %></h2>
    3: </div>
  app/views/search/_post.html.erb:2:in _app_views_search__post_html_erb___963015535_21281256
  app/controllers/search_controller.rb:20:in search

For the first time it shows the first 10 results. But when I scroll down 500 Internal Server Error appears. Anyone can help me to solve this problem? Thank you!

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render :partial => 'search/post', layout: false? –  Eraden Sep 5 '13 at 13:29
Still the same error. For any reason, when it retry reload entries from MongoDB (using Mongoid) and rendering search.html.erb it gives an error. I think it is because the second time it retrieves values from DB, MongoDB returns nothing. –  Hugo Sousa Sep 5 '13 at 13:33
If I good see, you should look at your _post template. Error message suggest that you use [:name] not .name. Are you have two templates? If yes you should force render that you want to be rendered –  Eraden Sep 6 '13 at 7:14

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