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I am developing an api for an iOS application. I currently have a Property class that has many Issues. In the API controller for Index I have the following code:

def index
    @issues = @property.issues

I am setting the @property var with a before_action

I currently have this in my routes file inside my API wrapper routes:

  resources :issues do 
    resources :comments

It is obviously putting the proper REST verbs for to the calls, but my issue is I am in need of passing the parameter of property_id in order for my before action to find Property.where(id: pay ams[:property_id].

  1. Can I pass parameters at all during a GET request to rails 4.
  2. Do I need to do it in the URL with ?property_id=1 or in the request header?
  3. Do I need to specify parameters in the routes file for this GET request?
  4. In Rails 4, would the strong parameters take place and I need to pass a body of:

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There is no strong parameter restrictions here, I'm assuming thats only on the POST methods when interacting with AR. – Robbie Guilfoyle Sep 5 '13 at 13:22
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  1. Yes you can pass on parameters to GET requests
  2. Do it with ?pid=4
  3. No, you dont have to specify it in routes.
  4. Not clear.
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