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I have a GWT app which uses Gin/Guice.

My need : call a method after that all fields are injected.

Here is an extract of Javadoc about @Inject

Constructors are injected first, followed by fields, and then methods.

So my idea was to have only one method annotated with @Inject and use it as a post-injection method. Here is an extract of my code :

//An injected attribute (a JSR 303 validator)
private Validator validator;

//A constructor with some injectable args.
public MyClass(...){

//And my post-injection method
private void postInjection(){
  Log.warn("Validator null? "+(validator==null));

Problem : The log shows true ( = validator is null, as if it had not been injected yet). Later, the validator is called on a button click and appears to be non-null. I tested with other injectable attributes and have the same problem.

1) Is there a common pattern to have a post injection method with Gin?

2) Is the injection order different with Gin in GWT? Is this a bug?

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There was a bug in GIN up to 2.0, it's been fixed in 2.1.

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Updated to 2.1. It works like a charm now, thank you :) – Arnaud Denoyelle Sep 5 '13 at 15:08

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