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I have 1 entity 'Parameters' that keeps all values for different dropdown lists etc.. When I bundle these through the breeze lookups controller, they all get loaded nicely. But since the manager maps them against the metadata, they all end up in 1 list. How can I seperate them?


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Not sure I understand the question. Can you add some additional detail? –  Jay Traband Sep 5 '13 at 17:24

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I had the same issue using and resolved by:

  1. Having breeze load the entity (Lookups) with only the values that I needed (all of my source values also had a category Id that I allowed me to identify the correct grouping.

    function getLookups() { return EntityQuery.from('Lookups') .using(manager).execute() .then(processLookups) .fail(queryFailed); }

  2. Once I had the "Lookup" entity loaded with breeze, I loaded the arrays in the view model by executing a query on the lookup entity and loading that array with the correct values.


    var getMethods = function () { var query = EntityQuery .from('Lookups') .where('Cat_Id', 'eq', 375);

        return manager.executeQueryLocally(query);
  3. In the view I bound the select to the view model array and set the value to the navigation property that tied back to the SQL lookup table.

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