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We have many addresses and we want to showing it on a map using Google Maps API (without setting up server/proxy for caching).

To avoid OVER_QUERY_LIMIT error, I added timeout for requests but it's too slow on rendering.

Check this example: ( and source )

Wondering how to fix that problem using only frontend side of client?

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You can cache some data on client side using localStorage.

To ensure cross-browser compatibility and make it easier to serialize/de-serialize objects you can also use store.js library.

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Good one about caching, forgot about it. Only one thing, second and later requests will be in cache. How about first? I have an idea to create pre-cacheed storage. What do you think? But the data is dynamic, mean income addresses are different. – CodeGroover Sep 5 '13 at 14:39
Anyway you have to make first request. If you want to pre-cache, you need to make a centralized cache on your server since localStorage and any other browser objects obviously are not shared between clients. – Eugene Naydenov Sep 5 '13 at 14:44

Correct answer is here: How to do geocoding on the front-end: This leaves quote limit on the users end, avoiding server-side quota limits.

Instructions on usage:

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