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I am using Gmap3 to get address from the map. In Gmap I have the code where I am getting total address of the location from this code

content = results && results[1] ? results && results[1].formatted_address : "no address";

and when I am doing

console.log(results && results[1]); 

I am getting the data as in format like this

    [Object { long_name="IIT Area", short_name="IIT Area", types=[2]}, Object { long_name="Powai", short_name="Powai", types=[2]}, Object { long_name="Mumbai", short_name="मुंबई", types=[2]}, 3 more...]

    Object { long_name="IIT Area", short_name="IIT Area", types=[2]}

    Object { long_name="Powai", short_name="Powai", types=[2]}

    Object { long_name="Mumbai", short_name="मुंबई", types=[2]}

    Object { long_name="Mumbai Suburban", short_name="Mumbai Suburban", types=[2]}

    Object { long_name="Maharashtra", short_name="MH", types=[2]}

    Object { long_name="India", short_name="IN", types=[2]}

    "IIT Area, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India"

Now I can get the countryname like this

  var countryname = results.slice(-1)[0].address_components.slice(-1)[0].long_name;
    the city name like var cityname = results.slice(1)[0].address_components.slice(1)[0].long_name;

and its working fine.
Now I want to get the state name, Here can someone kindly tell me how to get state name? Any help and suggestions will be really appreciable. Thanks
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