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I am trying to write a simple vim command that will get some texts and clean everything else.

The following Vim script does it:

:let @a=""|%s//\=setreg('A', submatch(0), 'l')/g|%d _|pu a|0d _

I put this script into a custom command:

command! Getlinks :let @a=""|:%s/something/\=setreg('A', submatch(0), 'l')/g|:%d _|:pu a|:0d _

When I run Getlinks command, it removes everything but doesn't put the matched texts. But when I run the script's commands manually then it works as expected. Why doesn't it put the matched texts when used as Getlinks command.

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For me (Vim 7.3.823), both your command and Kent's variant without the superfluous colons do work. – Ingo Karkat Sep 6 '13 at 7:12
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remove those :, try this line:

command! Getlinks let @a=""|%s/something/\=setreg('A', submatch(0), 'l')/g|%d _|pu a|0d _
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