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I'm trying to parse an iTunes XML library file on Mac OS.

In the iTunes file I have this string:


As you can see it appears to be URL encoded. Now, the next step is to find and read this file on the filesystem, but it seems I cannot find a proper way to do that with Java or Ruby.

My main goal is to do that in Java, but for the sake of simplicity I tried this in Ruby:

2.0.0p247 :003 > URI.decode(str)
 => "file://localhost/home/user/Downloads/album/01\xC4 24_7 (Intro) &#38;.mp3" 
2.0.0p247 :004 > CGI.unescape(str)
 => "file://localhost/home/user/Downloads/album/01\xC4 24_7 (Intro) &#38;.mp3" 

The file appears in the file manager as /home/user/Downloads/album/01Ä 24_7 (Intro) &.mp3


  path = URLDecoder.decode( originalPath, "ISO-8859-1" );
  path = URLDecoder.decode( originalPath, "UTF-8" );
  path = new java.net.URI(originalPath).getPath();

But I cannot find the file using the resulting path in code. exists() or isFile() are always false although in the debugger the path shows up correctly.

How should I proceed?

Sadly I'm not fetching a file name from the OS, but from an XML file. Am I hitting a long standing JVM bug?

Setting the JVM to a specific locale is not acceptable, because I don't need to open only files in the user's locale.

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First of all, the numeric entity reference &#38; should be turned into & in the XML parser. Which parser are you using? –  Joni Sep 5 '13 at 15:21
I'm using SAXParser to read the file: github.com/codercowboy/iTunesUtilities/blob/master/src/com/… and get a location back. –  John Smith Sep 5 '13 at 15:41

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Solved with LANG env variable.

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