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Our div #logo is set to 0.8 opacity via css:


After a delay, #logo is faded to 0.4 and #main-navigation is animated:


When the mouse is moved, #logo is faded to 0.99 and #main-navigation is animated again:

var c;
$(document).on('mousemove',function() {        

Then a timer is set and #logo helpshould be faded back to 0.4 and #main-navigation is animated one final time:

c= setTimeout(function(){
}, 2000);

Everything works fine EXCEPT for fading #logo back to 0.4.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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Try using .stop()


If that's not working, please provide a http://www.jsfiddle.net with your relevant code


.stop( [clearQueue ] [, jumpToEnd ] ) Returns: jQuery

Description: Stop the currently-running animation on the matched elements.

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Thanks Itay. jsfiddle.net/MEyEW –  Richard Tinkler Sep 6 '13 at 6:40

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