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i'm getting: this error message

Unhandled memory fault at #xA.
   [Condition of type SB-SYS:MEMORY-FAULT-ERROR]

Here is my Wrapper: ;; int cvCreateTrackbar(const char* trackbar_name, const char* ;; window_name, int* value, int count, ;; CvTrackbarCallback on_change=NULL )

;; CvTrackbarCallback
(cffi:defctype cv-trackbar-callback :pointer)

(cffi:defcfun ("cvCreateTrackbar" %create-trackbar) :int
  "Creates a trackbar and attaches it to the specified window."
  (trackbar-name :string)
  (window-name :string)
  (value :pointer)
  (count :int)
  (on-change cv-trackbar-callback))

(defun create-trackbar (trackbar-name window-name &optional 
(value (cffi:null-pointer)) count (on-change (cffi:null-pointer)))
  ;(if (= 0 value) (setf value (cffi:null-pointer)))
   (%create-trackbar trackbar-name window-name value count on-change))

and here is my function()

 (defun change-contrast (contrast)
    (if (< contrast 10) (incf contrast 1)
    (decf contrast 1)))

(defun image-create-trackbar (filename)
  "Open the image FILENAME and show it in a window."
  (let* ((img (load-image filename 1))
    (img-size (get-size img))
       (dest (create-image img-size +ipl-depth-8u+ 3))
       (contrast 10)
       (cont (cffi:make-pointer contrast))
       (change-cont (cffi:make-pointer (change-contrast contrast)))
       (scalar (make-cv-scalar 50 50 50)))      
      (named-window "Display" 1)
      (create-trackbar "contrast" "Display" cont 100 change-cont)
    (add-scalar img scalar dest)
    (show-image "Display" dest)
    (loop while (not (= (wait-key 0) 27)))
    (release-image img)

I think the error comes from this part of the above code: (cont (cffi:make-pointer contrast)) together with

the "cont" in my function call (create-trackbar "contrast" "Display" cont 100 change-cont)

I'm getting a few of these lately if someone can help me get past the

Unhandled memory fault at #xA.
   [Condition of type SB-SYS:MEMORY-FAULT-ERROR]

error I would appreciate it. I get the above error with the following code as well:

 ;; CvScalar cvGet2D(const CvArr* arr, int idx0, int idx1)
(cffi:defcfun ("cvGet2D" %get-2d) :void
  (arr cv-array)
  (idx0 :int)
  (idx1 :int))

(defun get-2d (arr idx0 idx1)
  "Return a specific array element."
  (%get-2d arr idx0 idx1))

(defun display (filename)
  "Open the image FILENAME and show it in a window."
  (let ((image (load-image filename 1)))
    (named-window "Display" 1)
    (get-2d image 10 10)
    (show-image "Display" image)
    (loop while (not (= (wait-key 0) 27)))
    (release-image image)
    (destroy-window "Display")))

In the Get2D wrapper I also tried changing the :void to cv-scalar and calling (cffi:defctype cv-scalar :pointer) but still get same error. And in the image-create trackbar function if I comment out this line it runs fine

(create-trackbar "contrast" "Display" cont 100 change-cont)

any guidance would be much appreciated = ) and would help us all get a complete opencv wrapper sooner....btw I've already added 34 new functions and counting....just building up til I get it complete then I'll release...Quicklisp hopefully.

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