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I am using Windows 8 with Outlook 2013 client to connect to MS CRM 2011 (both CRM server and on roll up 14). When I try to do a email via mail merge say against an account I get the following error

E-mail cannot be sent because the specified sender does not have an e-mail address. Add an e-mail address to the sender and then try again.Do you want to send the e-mail? If you click Yes, the e-mail will be sent out, but no corresponding activity will be created in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

What I have already done

1) Made sure that the email address of the MS CRM user which is being used to connect outlook client and MS CRM 2011 server has a valid primary email and the email is approved as well.

2) un-installed, reinstalled and synchronized Outlook 2013 client.

Any pointers, help, log locations that can help will be much appreciated.

Thanks Dev

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Check out Troubleshooting section from Microsoft. It has some helpful checks that might help narrow down your problem.

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